She grew up in a house where music was encouraged and began piano lessons at age 10. Her love of music blossomed from there, leading her to begin learning other instruments, composing songs, and singing at every opportunity. She began performing in her community at age 16, and continues to charm audiences around the region with her tender voice and masterful piano skills.

She blends her classical music education with modern writing sensibilities, performing a wide mix of genres along with gripping and creative original material.

Along with her solo performances, Elaine is also a vocalist and keyboardist in multiple local projects including classic rock band "Whisky Trail" and Pink Floyd tribute act "Artemidorus".

She recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Songwriting from the Berklee College of Music and is focusing on further building her portfolio of original music. 

Elaine Eagle is a musician from Wenatchee.

Songwriter. Vocalist. Keyboardist. Musician. 

"Elaine Eagle's Harmonious Fusion: Blending Classical Elegance with Modern Brilliance."

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"Local songwriter releases album about 'The Odyssey' with 'End of the Line'"

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Elaine is always looking for new musical opportunities.

She is available for private performances (weddings, parties, etc.), public performances, private piano instruction, and songwriting for hire.

She is currently booking through the end of 2023 and into 2024. If you have any questions regarding booking a live performance, please leave your information below and you will receive a response within 48 hours. Thank you! 

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